Transcendental Meditation has its home in our hearts, but having a physical venue is nice.

All around the world there are these special places where one meets like-minded folk and enjoys conversation about life and death rather than the model of ones current car.

Houghton TM Centre is such a place, where people come together from the most amazing variety of backgrounds. Here’s a pic of a group of new meditators at the end of their 7 Step meditation course.

new meditators at Houghton TM Centre

new meditators at Houghton TM Centre

They were enjoying themselves and it was not too difficult for me to ask them to line up in front of the video screen at the front of the room and have a group photo taken.

Last Thursday everyone enjoyed a vegetarian dinner and stimulating conversation around the table, before moving through for a talk by Vicki.

There were professionals  talking about how TM supports them in achieving higher performance and balancing their lives, housewives about meeting their challenges, a couple of teenagers and young adults discussing relationships, you name it.

Saturday afternoon saw a group visiting to hear from Richard about how TM helps dissolve stress and fatigue and puts ones life on rails. Their faces were shining as they left the front door and peeped their car alarms in order to drive home through the chill Joburg evening.

Sunday afternoon we had 30 visitors to a stirring meeting conducted by Vicki on death and enlightened dying. The session triggered really heartfelt emotions and some quite surprising feedback.

The Houghton TM Centre seems to be providing a forum for folk interested in maximum growth. We meditate for our own reasons, whether it is stress reversal, personal growth, more creativity or healing. And as we find our life opens all kinds of new pages, we get to see them in a better light.

At the very least, the conversation round the table is relevant and exciting, no time to trivialities. And totally positive. Life in South Africa needs this kind of contact.

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