Crime rates are falling around the world,  and it’s been happening for 20-30 years.


The Economist calls this a “startling global trend” and reports that last year there were just 69 armed robberies of banks, building societies and post offices in England and Wales, compared with 500 a year in the 1990s.
Apparently some 147,000 cars were stolen in New York in 1990: last year it was under 10,000. Thats an amazing reduction.  And the homicide rate for young Americans has reached a 30-year low.


But the Economist, like most people, is clutching at straws when it tries to explain why this should be. Theories range from reduced rates of lead poisoning and better policing, to reduced spanking as a child.  Nevertheless, here is a fascinating article, with a conclusion that suits my purpose: “Crime is plunging in the rich world. To keep it down, governments should focus on prevention, not punishment.” Read it here:


One of the more intriguing theories, and one with vast implications for all of us, comes from Christian Pfeiffer, the director of the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony in Hanover, reports the Economist, again.

“Mr Pfeiffer has found a correlation between declining rates of children being spanked (or otherwise punished physically) and subsequent decreases in violent crime.” Read more about this one here:

ᔥSpanking and crime rates: Liebe statt Hiebe | The Economist

News of falls in crime rate is all over the place. “Police chiefs in Humberside and Lincolnshire have today welcomed a drop in crime figures. Both Forces had reductions in crime of more than 10 per cent in statistics released at noon…”

ᔥCrime rate drops in Humberside and Lincolnshire – This is Grimsby

Of course it’s not all plain sailing:  an FBI preliminary report shows violent crimes increased and property crimes decreased in 2012.

ᔥFBI — Preliminary 2012 Crime Statistics

But mostly the arrow points down as reported in the links below:

ᔥCrime rates fall across the region (From The Northern Echo)

Representative of Mushin 1 Constituency at the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Bolaji Yusuf Ayinla has said that the reduction of crime and violence in Mushin is the result of efforts to get the people productively …

ᔥWe’ve reduced crime, violence says lawmaker | The Nation

Crime in Norfolk continues to fall – while more of it is being solved, according to latest figures. … At the same time, the number of crimes solved has increased by 135 offences, giving an overall detection rate of 42.2%…

ᔥNorfolk Constabulary: Praise for police savings plan as crime …

So why IS crime on the way down? We think it is because consciousness is rising.  Crime begins inside. And when one is stressed and unfulfilled one may turn to unfortunate behaviour to solve one’s problems.

That’s why we teach Transcendental Meditation.

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