Dr Bevan Morris, President of Maharishi University of Management, reported yesterday from Togo in West Africa. The tour is part of the Golden Jubilee celebration of 50 years of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s programmes in Africa. Here is a shortened report adapted from Global Good News.

He started on 25 January in Ghana. The tour continued in Côte D’Ivoire and Togo. This week he is in Senegal and he arrives here at the Houghton TM Centre in South Africa on Friday.

Dr Morris has met top West African leaders in education and other fields, and has had a warm reception wherever he goes.

He describes scientific research documenting total brain development, increased creativity, and improved academic achievement through the Transcendental Meditation Programme.

TM has been successfully applied in education in many countries including the UK, where the British government has authorized the Maharishi School to be among the country’s first government-supported Free Schools; Uganda at Maharishi Secondary School for Girls; and India, where the response has been unbelievable. In South America the numbers of children in school programmes will soon run into millions!

Dr Morris describes how former President Chissano of Mozambique used advanced meditation groups in the military, which he credits with having ended civil war and bringing peace and prosperity to the country.

In addition, short videos show President Chissano’s address to the 2010 Gotabgaa conference of Kenyans in Washington, DC; a recent interview by Dr Mehmet Oz with Oprah Winfrey, who learned Transcendental Meditation last year; and American TV news programmes on Consciousness-Based Education.

The presentations have inspired very positive responses. ‘We find openness and willingness in these nations, really on a different plateau than anywhere in the past,’ Dr Morris commented. ‘Within 15-20 minutes people grasp what Maharishi’s programmes are offering’ to help their nations, a great opportunity to rise out of difficulties.

Dr Morris also commented that the three countries he has visited so far are beautiful tropical countries, and that the people are extremely kind and sweet—’a beautiful part of the world that will rise rapidly in enlightenment and invincibility’.

‘I feel very grateful for the chance to come to Africa,’ he said, ‘to honour the laws of nature of these parts of the world, and see the blossoming of the unity at the basis of all the diversity of Africa and the world through the beautiful influence of Maharishi’s knowledge and programmes.’

There are a few seats left for Dr Morris’ presentation on Sunday. Only R375, including lunch. Very very inspiring! Email us: Vickib@icon.co.za, or use the form below:


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