Doctor Mehmet Oz says Transcendental Meditation improves heart health.

In this extraordinary video Doctor Mehmet Oz discusses the relationship between reduced stress and improved heart health. 


He opens by saying: “this meditation we believe can help a lot of people.”

He goes on to stress the importance of how Transcendental Meditation affects stress, in particular how TM  reduces stress and stress related disorders. Speaking as a heart surgeon he goes on to explain the mechanics of how plaques form in the arteries. In an amazing animation he demonstrates how a scab forms on top of the plaques on the artery wall, getting larger and larger until it actually blocks the artery. This blockage in the coronary artery, supplying the great heart muscle, he says is the leading cause of death in Western countries.

“What can Transcendental Meditation do about this process?” he asks

The first study shows the results of a one-year study showing a reduction in cholesterol of about 10%. Cholesterol is the first risk factor we talk about in this look at heart disease.

Diabetes is the second risk factor.

He then displayed the results of a second study, which was an NIH-funded randomized clinical trial showing dramatic changes in insulin resistance in just four months of practice Transcendental Meditation by a sample of 100 people with coronary blockages.

The third study was a randomized trial of hypertension sufferers. Transcendental Meditation led to significant reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. I also discussed this in a previous blog.

So high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar drive heart disease.

He then shows us a chart of the results of a study we have discussed previously. This showed an extraordinary 47% reduction in deaths, heart attack and stroke. This was a long-term trial of older African Americans with coronary ideas. This result he describes as “unimaginable, a spectacularly large impact.”

Now lets look at obesity. For our ancestors, the problem was not having enough food. This represents chronic stress.

So what happens when you get stressed?

The body manufactures cannabinoids. And you get the munchies. So when you look at this massive amount of belly fat you are looking at a stress sufferer.

The belly fat accumulates because it is a receptor for steroids. This represents a protective device which our ancestors needed when they were starving. “We don’t need it anymore.”

You gotta watch this video starring Dr Mehmet Oz talking about Transcendental Meditation!

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