How Vicki, Richard and TM will help you Reduce Stress and find your Bliss

If you are looking for a way to learn to meditate from a trusted teacher,  you have come to the right place.

There are hundreds of techniques out there and you need a meditation that has researched benefits. Transcendental Meditation is a wise choice for so many reasons.

vicki broomeVicki Broome  DSCI will help you find your bliss because she is one of the world’s most experienced authorised teachers of Transcendental Meditation, and has taught in many countries. One of her recent graduates wrote to us:

“And once again, thank you for a beautiful experience, that continues daily.”

She is a registered with the Health Professions Council of SA as an Educational Psychologist and Allied Health Professions Council of SA as a Maharishi Ayurveda practitioner.

She is the driving force behind the Houghton TM Centre, one the world’s most active and successful Maharishi Enlightenment Centres.

Its called an Enlightenment Centre because that is what is is designed to deliver to you. A typical comment after just three days of practicing Transcendental Meditation:

“Thank you for taking the time to teach us TM. It truly is a priceless gift that I look forward to making a part of my life. I have already noticed a few positive changes in my life, for which I am extremely grateful.”

The centre was established on an acre property in Houghton Estate, Johannesburg in early 1999. Houghton is a prestigious leafy suburb just to the north of the Johannesburg CBD, and is ideally located for your easy access, especially from the outer suburbs.

richard broomeRichard Broome PhD is also an experienced authorised TM teacher. Before that he was a military and airline pilot, investment analyst and management consultant. So he can connect with you to help you relieve stress and improve your health and your energy levels.

Follow him on twitter? He posts on how to use meditation, research, the brain, the internet and other routes to maximise your potential. His Facebook page here.

Both of them are authorised to teach you TM by Maharishi Vedic Institute, registered in South Africa as a non-profit organisation number 025-663-NPO

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You have many follow up options open to you at  Houghton. The group meditation experience is richer at a large active meditation centre like the Houghton TM Centre. This is another reason why Transcendental Meditation is a great choice for a meditation technique. The Houghton Centre offers you a full range of advanced knowledge and techniques to help your rapid progress to Enlightenment – perfect health and full function.

  • We offer advanced meditation techniques which take your experience to new levels.
  • Then there is the TM-sidhi programme to learn to function from deeper levels of your being.
  • TM centre membership offers a way to stay connected and enjoy regular group meditation.
  • Thursday yoga sessions and group meditations are a fantastic way to keep your meditation practice alive and providing the best benefits for you.
  • Advanced lectures give you absolutely incredible advanced knowledge of realms of spirituality we never dreamed of before Maharishi.
  • Ayurvedic suppers are a delicious way to enter the world of the vegetarian.
  • Refresher courses keep your practice alive.
  • Deepening days do just that.
  • Residence courses or retreats offer you a way of getting a month’s holiday in only a week or weekend.
  • Vedic Vibration healing is a new technology that works. More info is at this ‘Vedic Approach to Health’site.
  • World Peace assemblies are designed to create coherence in national consciousness.
  • Vedic Architecture provides ways to orient your home and office buildings in such a way as to support the prosperity and enlightenment of the inhabitants.

The Transcendental Meditation course fee includes a year of free followup at the Houghton TM Centre. Thereafter, membership is easy to renew for a nominal fee. You can see the advantages of staying connected with a large enthusiastic group of meditators in the faces of people attending meetings. Surround yourself with positive, friendly, upbeat folk.

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