Ayurvedic tummy care is a great help when your digestion is compromised. Maharishi Ayurveda in particular has a lot to say and much to offer when it comes to what to do if you can’t eat.

Here are 5 Looking-After-Tummy-Tips Vicki called out to me recently when mom was sick and couldn’t eat:


This is a great ayurvedic tummy settler and will  help you get re-hydrated.

Dry roast a handful of Cumin seeds. And then them it to 2 L of water  and boil down to 1 L.

Put that in a flask and drink through the day.

2. KANJI  (Kanjee)

This is how to gently slowly build up digestion after a fast or colonoscopy. The ayurvedic idea is this:  like building a campfire – you put twigs on first. If you put on the big logs too soon you put the fire out.

  • Half a cup of Bhasmati rice
  • 2 L of water
  • Ginger root-a couple of small chunks
  • Fresh ground pepper
  • Salt – say a teaspoonful

Throw together, and boil down to one litre.

Eat lightly according to hunger. Flask balance and take when ever peckish. Its very bland.


Veggie soups and Bhasmati rice.

The useful veggies are peas, beans, asparagus, baby marrows, carrots, eggplants, patty pans and so on. Not potatoes at this stage.

If you can find some yellow Mung Dahl – that is a great addition – protein source. Boil 10 mins. Throw water away. Add water. Boil about 30 mins minimum. Spice with salt,  a bit of curry powder if you have, Hing (Asafoetida) if you have. And chopped tomato (minus skin and seeds) and of course a bit of fresh coriander chopped is very nice.

4. BREAKFAST would be good to take a baked Apple or Pear touched with a Clove bud and a bit of cinnamon to pep it up a bit.

5. AVOID. At this stage avoid raw salads, particularly lettuce. And, surprisingly, avoid fresh fruit – particularly mango – its very hard on the digestion. I once took fresh mango too soon after a fast and had a tummy ache for 24 hours!

Get well soon

Useful links: http://www.everydayhealth.com/ibs/ibs-caregiver-tips.aspx


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