The Best News you don’t Know

If you are looking for good news: Last year was the best year in history for the average human. Over 1 million people were forecast to get Ebola – but the outbreak peaked at  around 30,000. There has not been a single case of polio in Africa in the last year.... read more

Recent Surveys Find Wars Deaths Declining

Is it possible wars are on the way out? According to Steve Pinker, a Harvard psychologist, a remarkable long term downward trend in violence is continuing. Wars are far less common and deadly than in the recent past, terrorism is rare, and the European refugee crisis... read more

Houghton TM Centre May 2015 Newsletter

HOUGHTON TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION CENTRE NEWSLETTER MAY / JUNE/ JULY / AUG / SEPT 2015   HIGHER STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS COURSE – 16 LESSONS This is one of the most fulfilling courses any meditator could take. It features inspiring lectures by Maharishi... read more
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