The Brahmasthan of India

Its the geographical centre of the country,  a holy spot and Raja Harris Kaplan has done extraordinary work in setting up a home for 2 200 Vedic Pandits.  Its a place of pilgrimage for TM meditators and sidhas to visit and experience the sublime Vedic recitations of Maharishi’s trained pandits.

I’d like to tell you a bit about it

You have GOT to visit the Brahmasthan of India! Meditators and Sidhas that have ever done a TM residence course you will know the value of rounding. Well, this venue is luxurious, the food is beyond delicious, the staff are friendly and competent, the knowledge programme fascinating, the meditation experience deep, the surroundings interesting and the outcome blissful.

We boarded an Emirates flight at Johannesburg airport and flew to Delhi via Dubai. It’s an easy eight hour flight although somewhat crowded. In Dubai there was ample time to walk to the Delhi flight check-in, and three or four hours later we were at terminal three, Delhi, one of the world’s current top five airports. It’s astonishing.

We stayed at the Upal Delhi hotel in great luxury. Next day seven o’clock found us back at terminal 3 for our turboprop flight on Kingfisher airlines to Jabalpur, which is the birthplace of snooker, would you believe.

Jabalpur has a really tiny airport and the group of us meditators and sidhas was collected by our inimitable course leader Alain Courvoisier, who with wife Marie ran the whole show so beautifully.

First stop was a delicious breakfast at the Satya Ashoka hotel in Jabalpur.

Then we drove through sort of bushveld country and rural villages for a little over two hours before arriving at the Brahmasthan of India – you can see it on Google Earth – 57 km to the north east of Jabalpur In the state of Madhya Pradesh. It’s on the edge of Bandhavgarh National Park. The area is noted for medicinal plants and familiar grain crops like millet, sorghum, wheat and rice. And I’m told it is the home of one of the largest concentrations of wild Tigers in the world!

On arrival more lunch, delicious, and a feeling of such relief.

Then into our rounding and deep rest for two weeks…

The room was so beautiful. A little sitting area, sleeping area, dressing area and bathroom. All marble floors. Spotlessly clean.

The programme was superb. Knowledge tapes were tapes that have been digitised and not seen for 30 years. From the first moment we were in love with this place. India is after all, Ved Bhumi Bharat – the Land of the Veda.

The food was unbelievably delicious a typical lunch involved nine different dishes you won’t believe it Paneer Pakora, Masala Puri, Coconut Laddu and always Pappadums and Chapati.

Vedic Architecture

Accomodation at Bijauri

The accommodation was imposing in perfect Vastu buildings. Three stories and about 30 units each. Astounding absolute luxury. And great internet – better than we are used to in South Africa.

The weather was perfect. Cool nights and with warm days. Soon it will be hot. The monsoon starts in June and runs till September. It will be difficult then, so the place is closed.

We were taken on tours of the Pandits campus at Karaunda and Raja’s campus at Akona.  At the end of the week you have the opportunity to visit the Narmada River Falls and Marble Cliffs.

Vedic Pandits

But the real highlight is the chanting.

We had over 20 hours of it.  The Vedic Pandits are absolutely, utterly sublime.

Daily we had visits by 3 to 5 pandits who sat and chanted for us for an hour after lunch.

And we got to see a Rudra Abhishek yagya done by 121 Vedic Pandits in the huge main hall l on the Karaundi campus. This experience was really marvelous and deep.

So, if you are a TM Meditator or Sidha: get there! The next season is 1 October to mid-March 2014. the SA group is leaving Joburg Monday 3 March 2014.  To join us, first please log your interest here or call us at 011 483 0684.

Prices are reasonable. The procedures are seamless, and the travel advice spot-on.

Brahmasthan ladies

Brahmasthan ladies from all over the world: Finland, Austria, South Africa and Israel.

And if you can’t go, then here is a really sweet 5 minute slideshow by one of our fellow guests, Michael Goldschmidt.




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