meditation may help avoid cancer

Dreaded Diagnosis

Meditation helps you take these 27 cancer prevention steps

Meditation is a lifestyle choice and lifestyle has a profound effect on your chances of cancer. Arguably the best known meditation technique is Transcendental Meditation (TM).  And a number of studies suggest that cancer risk is reduced with regular practice of TM.

Why should this be?

Its because contact with the transcendent and the deep rest accompanying meditation practice seems to lead to better lifestyle choices.

So here is a list of choices adapted from an article by Johnathan Landsman to lessen your risk of developing cancer. Run this past any of your meditating friends and they will just nod and say “yeah – we knew that all along”. See, meditation makes you cleverer and more intuitive – so these things just come naturally:

  1. Favour ORGANIC fruits and vegetables. (Lightly cooked veg and raw or stewed fruit)
  2. Drink organic, veggie juice. (favor dark leafy greens)
  3. Go for natural spring or filtered water.
  4. Clean your colon. (detoxification is a must-but we prefer the Maharishi Ayurveda approach)
  5. Exercise – most days of the week.
  6. Yoga and Transcendental Meditation is a must
  7. Take time in the sun. (But don’t over do it – read it up on a good natural health site like Mercola)
  8. Breathe fresh air.
  9. Walk in nature or at the beach-some say barefoot grounds you and reduces pain
  10. Develop loving relationships.
  11. Take time to relax. (quiet the mind-there’s that meditation angle again!!)
  12. Create good sleeping habits. (early to bed, early to rise-bed before 10-up before 6)
  13. Minimize or eliminate the use of drugs, alcohol or smoking (here it is again – research shows reduced substance abuse in regular TM meditators
  14. Don’t over-cook food. (No microwaves!)
  15. Eliminate plastic bottles or tap water.
  16. Avoid (chronic) stress and negative emotions.
  17. Protect yourself from EMF pollution. (get grounded)
  18. Remove dental amalgams. (mercury is a killer)
  19. Avoid using mobile phones unless its really really necessary. Use a speaker so its not close to your ear.
  20. Read labels on cosmetic and skin-care products – avoid parabens
  21. Avoid deodorants containing antiperspirants
  22. Give yourself a daily full-body oil massage with organic sesame oil-find out more about ayurveda and panchakarma
  23. Treat constipation
  24. Avoid allopathic medication wherever possible-inform yourself of the hazardous side effects
  25. Minimise or eliminate red meat from your diet-there is a groundswell of scientific opinion favouring a vegetarian diet
  26. Favour fish or chicken over red meat
  27. Favour free range over conventional chicken and eggs.

Good luck!

Its your life and there are lots of choices for cancer prevention. If you are stressed out and not thinking clearly, you make poor choices. That’s why meditation is so important. And a well-researched technique like Transcendental Meditation is your best choice in the search for ways to help avoid cancer.

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