Dr Bevan Morris

Dr Bevan Morris

Doctor Bevan Morris has been president of Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa for 32 years. (You may remember this was formerly known as Maharishi International University.)

Australian-born he is a tireless hub of movement activity around the world. He has been to more countries in the last six months than you or I could even name.

Among the initiatives he will be describing on Sunday 12th Feb in Joburg – and in his travels around SA, is the Global Country of World Peace, a beautiful and comprehensive concept of Maharishi’s now spanning the entire globe.

You will be surprised and delighted at the scope of Maharishis’s vision, as described by Dr Morris.  He is also president of the Maharishi World Peace Fund, Maharishi Foundation,  and a founder of the Natural Law party, as well as serving on the boards of many other remarkable organizations promoting world peace and Consciousness Based Education.

In 2005, Dr. Morris was appointed to be the Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, founded by Maharishi to unite the world family—all nations, cultures, religions and peoples—in permanent world peace. Here he is talking about the outcome of this initiative with Dr Peter Swan on the Maharishi Channel recently.

He has a Masters degree in psychology and philosophy from Cambridge and a DSCI  from MERU.

He has been Chairman of the Board of Trustees of what was previously Maharishi International University since the late 70s, and is now its Emeritus Chairman.

He is an absolute encyclopaedia of Maharishi’s knowledge, having sat by Maharishi’s side for decades. The stories he tells of the status and expansion of the Transcendental Meditation movement are utterly astonishing. He has scores, perhaps hundreds of notebooks of Maharishi’s words recorded over 4 or more decades, and has an uncanny ability to paraphrase Maharishi in ways that are easy to follow, while retaining the precise wording of Maharishi’s key phrases.

We owe him a great debt of gratitude for holding things together, particularly in these days following the passage of Maharishi to Heaven.

And finally he is a spellbinding speaker – softly spoken with riveting delivery. You will love him.

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