David Lynch, Russell Brand and Bob Roth answer questions on Transcendental Meditation

Everything you wanted to know about Transcendental Meditation but were too afraid to ask!

For instance at minute 7 Russell asks if meditation will lead to society becoming less materialistic?

And at minute 8: David says: “Some people say its a mickey mouse form of meditation, or its for beginners –  because its so easy. Thats total baloney! Its an ancient form of meditation – so profoundly beautiful for the human being.

He is saying don’t be fooled by how easy it is. It works because the tendency of the human being is always to want to go to a field of greater happiness.

Minute 10 -13 : Be sure to watch this! How does one get a mantra, and why should one learn from an authorised teacher? How can I learn TM for free? Is there such a thing as free transcendental meditation?

Minute 16: Why does one have to pay for Transcendental Meditation? Bobby Roth gives one of the best explanations of the range and scope of what TM is trying to do for the unfortunate that I have ever heard.



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