How do you get good luck?

Last night Vicki described Maharishi’s take on good luck at the Houghton Transcendental Meditation Centre. This is one thing everybody needs. Nature Support – good luck – call it what you like.

But how do you get it?

Listen to a re-recording of last night’s splendid talk at the Houghton TM Centre here.

Vicki talks

Vicki talks

Nature Support 1 7 Mb MPEG  (12 minutes. Click play when the window opens)

Vicki starts by describing what it is – and why it is so important.

She goes on to read out some beautiful Maharishi quotes, such as:

“This year think big. This year whatever you desire will come true. Think big. Think of everything beautiful for you. Think of Heaven on Earth. Think of the elimination of poverty for the world.  Maharishi <- Tweet a condensed version of this with just one click!

Its a very inspiring talk – one that one can hear more than once.

Here is what one of last night’s meditators wrote in this morning:

“What a wonderful lecture last night.

“I’m so excited. I’m so much more focussed and now I’m starting to see that it is all Transcendental Meditation. I’ll also be much more aware of where I put my attention and on what I focus.

Thank you for the program and all that you do.”


If you are not yet meditating and you would like more information on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and how TM helps you to actualise your dreams and desires, consider dropping in on a Wednesday evening for a free intro talk. Its free but you need to book. Call Nollie at 011 483 0684 or use the contact form top right.

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