Organic Ghee in Jar

Freshly made Organic Ghee

How to Make Ghee – its easy!

Ghee has great properties which is why it is highly prized in the East.

One of them is that it does not go rancid – which is why the Voortrekkers used it on the Great Trek north from the Cape in time gone by. Another is that is is not “cholesterolemic” – it does not raise cholesterol levels – unlike butter.

It is delicious as a spread, on rice, potato or veges. Its the healthy choice. Buy it at Pick n Pay or make your own. Its best made with organic butter.

Its easy to make: melt 500 gm (or any quantity you like) of butter in a heavy stainless steel open pot – and as it finishes melting turn it down to a VERY LOW heat.

Keep skimming the foamy crust off the top. Once the butter has clarified – and the bubbling has almost stopped, take it off the heat. Let it cool awhile and then pour into a glass container with a top that seals.

Once it has melted you’ll need to watch it carefully for about ten minutes – because after that the buttermilk at the bottom will have been all boiled off and the temperature will skyrocket. Take it off the heat before you burn it. If it goes grey or brownish – guess what? Throw away and start over.

Now you will know why ghee is called clarified butter or anhydrous butterfat!

Keep it closed because it sucks moisture and anything else from the air. And no jammy or wet spoons when scooping it out!

Clever stuff. Very good for you. An intestinal lubricant. A digestion aid. And rats fed huge quantities of ghee do not get cholesterol problems. So its much preferable to butter – and don’t soil your kitchen with margarine – you may as well eat axle grease!

A last word on ghee made from organic butter versus ordinary butter: If you are taking ghee as the oleation or “snehana” phase of your Maharishi Panchakarma Clinic programme – you can tell the difference. Organic ghee has much less tendency to make you feel uncomfortable in the morning. So go for organic butter if you can find it. We use Woolies.

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