One of the great things about TM is that there is a TM family in just about every country in the world. Germany is no exception. In Munich, for example there are a number of TM teachers and an active TM centre. And you might like to visit.
Starnberg is a delightful village on the northern shore of Starnberg See, 23 km southeast of Munich. With a population of 23 000 it’s not overcrowded, and being a dormitory of Munich, it’s easily accessible from central Munich—which for us means the Altstatt and tourist icons like Marienplatz. Where to stay in Starnberg? Frau Alfie Waltenham runs a B&B at Ludwig-Thoma-Weg 10A, Sternberg 82319 (+49 162 907 6487). She asks €40 for a bedroom upstairs (bathroom not ensuite). The house is clean but a little stuffy. However she is a very kind and personable woman even if she does not speak good English. It’s near a train station and very very quiet, just like being in the suburbs of Johannesburg, better, actually. For other options just Google.
While you are in Starnberg and if you want to know what’s happening in TM circles you could call Daida Clements at +49 0 8151 979 1261. She will also show you where to find beautiful restaurants, a fun boat ride at the lake, great boutiques and shops. Its a neat and tidy, very upmarket suburb and the locals love to visit over the weekend to get some fresh air and sea views. And there is a world famous restaurant, the Hering, at Tutsing nearby. We had our photos taken in front of Bishop Tutu’s. Dr Chris Barnard was also there on the wall.
In the Munich Altstatt we stayed at the Hotel an den Oper at FalkenturmStrasse 10 (+49 0 89 290 0270). It’s just a five-minute walk from Marienplatz, The Residens, major Government buildings, the Market. All the major tourist attractions, including the English Gardens – a fabulous, world famous 900 acre park. The service at the hotel was absolutely exceptional and Nicole at the front desk, who speaks good English, was more than responsive to every question we put to her. OK, the location is top central so its €129 per night. Well worth it for a quick visit. If you have hired a car (it’s not necessary because of the fantastic public transport), you can park almost next door to the hotel but like everything it costs €15 a day.
Get to the Altstatt from by train from the airport for around €20 or by taxi for around €100+. There are tons of options. We hired a car for 10 days for €35 per day including insurance. Shorter hires (less than a week) cost more per day. The car hire firm we used was SixT—and it’s cheaper hiring from a SixT site just off the airport. So we used the ErdingerStrasse outlet in Freising, 10 mins drive north of the airport (taxi €20). Just go o the SixT site, pull down the location menu and find Freising.
If you need medical attention, or just a point of contact with another very experienced TM  teacher, Doctor Uli Bauhofer (+49 089 2104 3695) is in FalkenturmStrasse, right next door to the Hotel An den Oper. We have known him for decades. He is also a Maharishi Ayurveda practitioner, so any advice you get from him will have a beautifully whole health orientation.
Good luck and have a great trip.

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