TM was aired on Radio 702 today. Dr Norman Rosenthal was interviewed on the Jenny Crwys Williams Show on Radio 702 this Monday 19th September at 3 pm, about his highly influential book Transcendence — Healing and Transformation through Transcendental Meditation.

Dr. Rosenthal describes his motivation for writing this new book:
“For anxiety, for problems with alcohol abuse, for anger management problems, I saw people responding. I referred them to the local TM Center and they would respond. I would see it in my patients, I would see it in myself, and I would see it in my research…”

The interview can be heard here.

This was a significant chat show, and as far as I am aware it was Professor Rosenthal’s first interview in South Africa about his book. He initially was reluctant to do the interview, as the book will not not available in the bookshops here until it is reprinted by Hay House Publishers in February. But the Show pressed him and insisted, so he agreed to do it.

The book is of course available from online publishers and other online booksellers.

As you know, Dr Rosenthal is from South Africa. He grew up in Johannesburg and studied medicine at Wits University and qualified as a doctor there, before going to the USA where he built his very successful career. He is best known in the medical world for first identifying and treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), sometimes known as Winter Blues — because some people get depressed in winter due to the lack of sunlight, especially in countries where the winter days are very short.

He speaks with great authority about Transcendental Meditation, both in interviews and in the book itself. You may well be inspired to learn TM. He is truly a mainstream medic with a very high reputation

Here is a transcript of the first 10 minutes of the interview:

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