Looking for a bit of light reading on your favourite meditation technique? TM is hot on the internet!

Travis and the BrainForms of meditation have different effects on the brain. The brain is the interface between internal and external experience and changes all the time with experience. Here is a fascinating video only six minutes long, where Dr Fred Travis demonstrates why TM practice relieves PTSD and supports happiness and success in life:

That TM is found to improve graduation rates has been widely aired in the recent media. We’ve got our take on it here:

But it’s nice to know that people are writing about it all over the Internet: http://www.elevatedexistence.com/blog/2013/06/20/transcendental-meditation-associated-with-higher-graduation-rates-study-shows/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=transcendental-meditation-associated-with-higher-graduation-rates-study-shows

The American Heart Association recently issued a report encouraging the use of transcendental meditation by doctors in clinical practice for the treatment of high blood pressure and for preventing heart attacks and strokes. The story has had immense coverage on the Internet. Here, for example is a post from New Zealand which mentions Dr David Lovell-Smith who practices in Christchurch and has widely recommended TM to his patients. He says that TM is much better than prescribing effectively indigestion and lethargy to many people, as happens with drug prescriptions. http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/GE1306/S00081/american-heart-association-backs-transcendental-meditation.htm

This piece, although typical of those who write the transcendental meditation wave to promote their own meditation techniques, raises interesting points about changes in the hardwiring of the brain. http://www.therecord.com/living-story/3850960-how-meditation-boosts-your-brain-power/

This is a neat post about yet another celebrity who does transcendental meditation. Omar Akram is the first Afghan American to win a Grammy award. He is being called a cultural diplomat and is widely travelled and has made a contribution to peace in the Middle East. He talks about the way he uses transcendental meditation in his creative process:http://www.ryot.org/qa-omar-akram-first-afghan-american-to-win-a-grammy-talks-transcendental-meditation/230353

The study which showed dramatic improvements in PTSD has had huge coverage on the Internet. This is just one of many examples of the very good coverage:http://www.sacbee.com/2013/06/25/5522630/transcendental-meditation-technique.html

We don’t knock other forms of meditation, for instance, mindfulness-based stress reduction. Here is an interesting recent study suggesting this technique reduces loneliness and stress — and links to reducing inflammation throughout the body – in a published study 40 healthy adults: http://www.postgazette.com/stories/news/health/mindfulness-meditation-aids-health-693582/


And an inspiring quote from one of the faithful:

Hi Vicki and Richard,

2 months ago I wrote an exam, I’m studying actuarial science, so these exams are no joke. I was severely under-prepared. I was sick in the days leading up to the exam and the day before I studied for 14 hours, and went to sleep at one in the morning. On the day of the exam I woke up at 6am and studied until 12:00pm exactly, when I finished the syllabus. I then drove for 45 minutes to the venue and started writing at 2pm. After about an hour in to the 3 hour paper I started to absolutely crash! The questions become more and more confusing and everything i’d crammed in the last few days become more and more muddled. Eventually I was in such a state of anxiety and exhaustion that I couldn’t even read the paper anymore. I was going to leave half-way through the exam!, something I have never done before and I would’ve felt terribly about.

Before I left, I decided that I’d close my eyes and do TM for 10-15 minutes and give it one more shot! This lifted the anxiety and exhaustion enough to allow me to struggle through the last few questions.

The results were released last night, AND I PASSED!!!!!

Thanks for everything  you two!!!

you give people an amazing gift!



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