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Happy Houghton TM Centre Grads 24 April 2012

We are so proud of 14 new graduates of the 7 Step Programme. You have no idea how great you are or what a difference you will make in the world.

To learn to meditate and to do it regularly is a great step of what Maharishi calls “evolution.”

We so look forward to seeing you again and to supporting your growth towards enlightnenment.

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Hope you enjoyed this and the rest of the information on this site as much as I enjoyed meeting you and putting this up.


PS: When you learn to meditate it is important to choose a technique that is going to do something for you that is more than just a pleasant rest. Meditation research suggests that many techniques deliver a level of rest that is statistically no different to eyes-closed rest. Transcendental Meditation has been shown to provide rest deeper than sleep. In addition to the deep relaxation and rest during the practice itself, TM develops more positive attitudes, better health and clearer thinking. You will notice some of theses changes within just four days of receiving your mantra. Stress and worry just seem to melt away. And all it requires is regular practice.

To help you be regular in the practice we provide regular free meditation checks at the centre on Thursdays nights. In addition, there are talks, meditation experience discussions, delicious vegetarian suppers, Ayurvedic lifestyle and health advice and interesting and accomplished people to meet. See you there!



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