Learn Meditation: Transcendental Meditation Classes in Houghton, Joburg.

Interested in meditation? Learn Transcendental Meditation.

Your first step is to watch this very high level, very rich, scientific (and spiritual) introduction to Transcendental Meditation by Award-winning physicist, Dr John Hagelin. I apologise for the incredible detail on his “Unified Field” chart – but you will get the idea – especially if you have watched “What the Bleep!”


You can learn TM in just a few days at regular meditation classes in Johburg because it is so easy and natural. Most people, especially those who have used another technique, are surprised how easy it is to “get”. And they are delighted that by the third day of the course they are noticing real positive changes in their lives. So its easy to learn, but profound to practice.

Although TM is easy to learn, it does need a gentle helping hand. This is a very special meditation technique, and it is only learned one-on-one from a trained, highly experienced and authorised Transcendental Meditation teacher.

Courses take place over 4 consecutive days, with meditation classes lasting around 2 hours at convenient times. Free followup is provided for a year.

How to Learn TM

First step is to attend a no-obligation introductory briefing held at 19 Third Street in Houghton on most Wednesday evenings at 6.30 pm, and some Friday afternoons at 4.00 pm.:

Vicki or Richard Broome will cover:

  • How meditation helps reverse stress
  • Why meditation has such profound health benefits
  • Who gets the most value from this simple daily practice
  • When to meditate
  • How to find inner peace, your own spirituality and enlightenment
  • How to enhance the benefits of your existing meditations and affirmations
  • and much more

The talk is free, but booking is essential.

Call 011 483 0684 to book, or for more information

The next step when you learn to meditate is personal instruction. This usually takes place by appointment on a Saturday, followed by meditation classes the next three days after work.

Thereafter you continue regular practice on your own, and you will gain enormous benefits over time.

You enjoy a free followup programme of classes for a year at the Houghton TM Centre. This will give you extra breathing (pranayama) techniques, yoga classes and a rich variety of stimulating lectures to inspire you and deepen your meditation experience.

Contact us using the form top right to book, or for more information

You will enjoy meditation classes at the Houghton TM Centre because thousands of people have been meditating there and because the structure is correctly oriented for the deepest experience of meditation.

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