SUN 8 November

Come and experience the healing power of a day of Vedic chanting.

Transcending is hugely helped by a deepening day. The day consists of a perfect balance of extra meditation, pranayama breathing, Yoga postures and Vedic vibration sound therapy. Dr Tony Nader has discovered that the different vibrations of the verses of the Vedic literature correspond to the different parts and systems of the human physiology.  When you listen to the chanting of the forty aspects of the Vedic literature, you feel as if the whole physiology has been restructured and balanced.

The body keeps on changing every three years and before that even every month, like that, changing, changing.  If you have the awareness of your Self, unbounded, immortal, then it doesn’t matter what you are doing, you are established in that non-change, which is a common basis of all changing values. Ayurveda is something that is dedicated to unfolding  that level of physiology which maintains that level of intelligence which does not get dismantled in the layers of change, it  maintains itself, eternal life…  The physical body is the transformation of consciousness into physiology. There is a point in this process of transformation where the relationship of consciousness and physiology is very delicate. Therefore, any disorder can be delicately handled from this area — from this meeting point of consciousness and physiology. Maharishi

Recent unpublished brainwave research suggests that brainwave coherence – and hence transcending – during listening to Vedic Chanting is very deep. I have never experienced deeper transcending! So one day you may also want to have a live experience at the Brahmasthan of India.

DATE:  Sunday 13th November 2016

COST: R510 (includes delicious Ayurvedic lunch and two teas) TIME:    9:00am – 5:00pm

VENUE: HOUGHTON TM CENTRE – to book call 011 483 0684 or use the contact form top right.

The Houghton TM Centre is a building that encompasses the perfect effects of a Sthapatya Veda house (Vedic architecture). This makes experiencing the Vedic sounds in that atmosphere much more healing than another environment.

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