Travel in IndiaTravel in India is never that easy, but a bit of planning ahead makes life a lot easier. Here is a tour you could take after the Brahmasthan.

I’ve described this sublime destination for you here.

So how would you like to to know our plans?

Originating at the Brahmasthan Monday 29 February 2016 and ending in Delhi: Here’s what we asked for:

1. Travel from the Brahmastahan of India, Bijauri campus to Allahabad by car or good train departing morning of Monday 29 Feb. If we can pick up the train at a Sihora Rd Station, that would be nice, saving us driving all the way to Jabalpur – but not if it is a very slow train.

2. Hotel accommodation in Allahabad nights of Monday and Tuesday. We prefer hotel near as possible to the Maharishi ashram at Arail. Kanha Shyam would do. The objective is to visit the Maharishi Smarak and take a dip in the Ganges on Tuesday.

3. Travel to Allahabad to Rishikesh, on the morning of Wed, air, with least stops, via Delhi.

4. Hotel  accommodation in Rishikesh at the Ganga Kinare or Glass House – for four nights.

5. Travel Rishikesh to Delhi: by car or air – please quote both – back to Delhi, on Saturday.


1. Brahmasthan to Allahabad 
 Option 1: Train from Katni Stn (54 km north of Brahmasthan) to Allahabad
Ticket Cost around Rs.900/- per ticket in 3AC Cabin.
Train – Kamayani Express
Depart Katni – 1010 hrs (Convenient!)
Arrive Allahabad – 1530 hrs
Time taken 5hrs 30min.
Probably best choice:
Car cost One way drop – around Rs 15,000 with Toyota SUV.  ONLY IF GOOD AIR CONDITIONING – VERY IMPORTANT!
 2. Hotel Accommodation at Allahabad
Hotel Kanha Shyam Double Room In 10 Mar – Out 12 Mar. TWO NIGHTS
Tariff around Rs.7500/CPAI (=bed and breakfast) per night (included Breakfast and taxes)
3.09%GST exclusive on total billing. 
 3. Allahabad to Rishikesh –If there are no connecting flights, you can fly from Varanasi nearby to Dehradun. But the drive from Allahabad to Varanasi is 2 1/2 hours of, well hmmm. Not much fun but interesting experiencs with camels and elephants in dense traffic. India is sooo fascinating! So the trip is: Allahabad to Varanasi by:
Car – Type Sedan Medium( Indigo) Cost  around Rs.8000
Typical Flight Schedule Varanasi to Delhi:
Spice Jet  SG 233 – Dep Varanasi 11:30     Arr Delhi 12:50 PM
Then connect to the flight to Dehradun.

Spice Jet  SG 2223 – Dep Delhi  15:05  Arr  Dehradun 16:00 PM

Ticket Cost around RS 5 500 per ticket. 

Please note Airport of  Dehradun is Jolly Grant Airport and distance between Rishikesh and Airport is 35Kms.
4.  Accommodation at Rishikesh 
Hotel Ganga Kinare Double room In 12 Mar – Out 16 Mar 
Tariff around Rs.5 500/+ 12.42% taxes(Includes Breakfast)

5. From Rishikesh to Delhi by car 15 Mar

Car Type  Sedan (Indigo) around Rs.9 000/-
Car Type  SUV (Innova)  Rs.10 000/- 


Q: I love it! Cannot wait to get there! Richard, what do you suggest about currency for India? I am told that is better to buy Rupees here in SA before traveling because getting US Dollars and the exchanging to Rupees will mean double charges and ultimately a loss in value. Let me know how you normally go about this. A difficult guess but how much would you budget per day? I imagine that at the Brahmahstan we will not need much cash daily, but how much do you normally set aside per day when you travel in India?
A: Take plastic. ATMs all over the place – far better than changing cash at banks. Hotels under R1000 per night, some waaaaay under that – but you get what you pay for… Meals R150 per day. Taxi R100 per day. Shopping – you name it – buy shawls, carpets, clothing, artwork – fabulous! At the Brahmasthan you spend nothing. Even internet is free.
Q. Is there any general reading on india that you believe I should do prior the trip, or do you believe I should contrive nothing and simply experience it first hand?
A: its all over the web. We like Enjoying India-the Essential Handbook by JD Vharini (actually by Terry Tucker, a TM teacher) Highly recommended. Amazon …?
 Q. Please remind me of the website address that I should check out for the Brahmasthan.
A: – its in the briefing notes – go the FAQ page – good stuff there
  Q: I can’t attend the briefing  kindly email me the notes of the discussion.
Sorry. I’m not promising what I may not be able to deliver. 😉

 Q:  Emailed (the Brahmasthan Course Office).  Have not had the courtesy of a reply. So your advice from Alain is of interest. What did he say to put you off road transport? We are still thinking of hiring a taxi. The standard trains are not that appealing . Our experience is that the toilets are awash & difficult for females. Also usually late on arrival.

A: We have also found they don’t reply much – now I know why!  Unimaginable workload. So be patient, and try not to trouble Irene if not utterly necessary. Irene said a German group had done the car ride and said “next time train.” So … its a lottery. 

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