We can do many things to get greater bliss in our lives.

Vyas on how to get bliss

Vaidya Vyas on how to get Bliss

Recently on video at the Maharishi Ayur Vedic Centre Johannesbug, Vaidya Vyas gave a beautiful presentation on Manas Rasayana (mental rasayana), vedic lifestyle, and the importance of happiness. Vicki elaborated the talk in some detail, paying special attention to the importance of good digestion.

What does Rasayana mean? Vaidya Vyas said the basic meaning of ‘Rasa’ is flow, but it also refers to other flowing qualities such as taste, emotions, and the first (liquid) tissue of the body after digestion, plasma.

Plasma (the clear liquid portion of the blood) carries both nourishment and happiness to all tissues and to the whole body. The different emotions flow in this Rasa like a big river nourishing the body. This big river carries not only nutrients but also various hormones, neuro-peptides, and neuro-hormones, which make sure the whole physiology functions in perfect harmony to uphold health and happiness. If the Rasa is not fully nourished it results in stress-related disorders, but fully nourished Rasa upholds bliss.

Some practical suggestions:

  • The essential formula is Maharishi’s TM and TM Sidhi programmes which enliven bliss in every area of life.
  • Rising early
  • Listening to Ghandarva Veda music
  • Reading the Vedic literature and other spiritual readings
  • Starting one’s day with beautiful experiences for the senses such as beautiful sights, aromas of essential oils, Gandharva Veda music, and Vedic recitations.
  • Fasting one day per week allows the body to digest impurities of all kinds, and thereby increases Sattwa (purity), which increases happiness.

It is good to be aware that as we gain deeper experience in our daily meditation practice, so our confidence in ourselves increases. We can enjoy all the good that we have received in life by giving service to others.

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