Detox with Maharishi Ayurveda Rejuvenation


Looking for a detox? Ayurveda reveals timeless secrets of rejuvenation right here in the Drakensberg.

Panchakarma is the oldest and most sophisticated technology of Ayurveda. It removes toxins and imbalances from the body.

It rejuvenates the entire biological system to a state of youthful vitality and well being.

The World Health Organisation recognises Ayurveda as a major global force in creating health and reducing disease.

Maharishi Ayurveda is unique in harnessing consciousness to help the system eliminate accumulated stresses and ailments. Thus you regain the ability to withstand the pressures of life.

Before the start of the 7 day full Panchakarma clinic in the Drakensberg, an expert in Maharishi Ayurveda will hold a consultation and analysis with you. This is to determine which of the treatments will be most effective for you, Treatment results are monitored daily. Extra treatments are available on request. All detox treatments offered are “in residence” at the TM academy in the Drakensberg, near Champagne Castle.

Next Clinic Dates

Week 1:  3 January – 10 January (Sunday – Sunday)

Week 2:  11 January – 18 January (Monday – Monday)

Week 3:  19 January – 26 January (Tuesday – Tuesday)

Information & Bookings

Vicki – Tel: 011 483 0684, email:

Cost of full Panchakarma Detox

For full 7 days stay: R15 165
A 5% reduction is available if paid in full before 30 November 2015 (R14 445)


PLEASE NOTE: Due to increased administrative costs, your booking is now only secured with a non-refundable R2000 deposit. In addition to this, a cancellation policy also applies: 50% of the FULL FEE AMOUNT is forfeited if cancelled 2 weeks before booked clinic dates; 100% of the FULL FEE AMOUNT is forfeited if cancelled 1 week before the clinic dates, if you do not find someone to replace you

A speciality of Panchakarma is the uniquely balancing effect of massage with herbalised oils, performed in complete synchrony by two highly trained technicians. This is followed by relaxing, herbalised steam baths and a variety of internal cleansing therapies to provide complete elimination of imbalances and impurities in a gentle and natural way.

You will also have the opportunity to learn Transcendental Meditation – a wonderful and very effective way to assuage the pressures of life. After TM you feel ready to tackle anything.

Studies show that toxins including free radicals, herbicide and pesticide residues are reduced through Panchakarma. This is a unique feature of this detox method. Without this treatment these residues typically stay in the body for 25 years. Purification still continues after Panchakarma.



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