A Meditator Describes Meditation Using TM

This collection of youtube videos help us understand how it feels to meditate with Transcendental Meditation and how regular TM practice helps one put life back on the rails.

One of my favourite little clips is Kiki talking about the TM she has been practicing for a few months. Watch it! She’s great!

How’s that for enthusiasm? Kiki says “It’s changed my life. I basically had anxiety, insomnia, stress, depression, the works. I look forward to my meditation every morning and evening. Silence is power and so is TM!”


There are so many more testimonials if you go to the TM.org blog.

And here is the group that finished their course 10 May 2011:

10 May 2011 TM course graduates

Frank, Gavin, Amanda, Paul, Tim, Dave, Vicki, Franz, Angie, Jodi and Yogandhri

And, just to inspire you still more – here is an edited  report from a businessman who has been meditating a long time.

(It happened) … one morning in November 2008.

“I was 64 years old. I had been doing Transcendental Meditation since 1973 and the TM-Sidhi Program since 1978.

As with most of us, I had a career to manage during all those years, and a family, with children, to support. But I made time for my program twice a day no matter what …

So … when cosmic consciousness tiptoed up to me that November day, just after I turned 64, I was absolutely astounded and delighted. It seemed so delicate, fragile, almost shy. I did not expect it to last.

Two and half years later,  the experience of cosmic consciousness has matured into something even grander. Being shines at me from all things and all people. My own Self is everywhere, in everything and everyone. The burdens, troubles and vicissitudes of life seem all but gone or, at least, drastically mitigated. In their place, is a lightness, delight, sweetness and ease … that is absolutely indescribable.

The only thing I ever did was to follow the simple (thank goodness) instructions Maharishi gave for the practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi program.

Really, that’s all I ever did. … it’s utterly real, utterly simple, and utterly available to all. That I know for certain… if this can happen to someone like me, it can happen to anyone. It can happen to everyone. That it did happen to me … reveals the immensity of Maharishi’s knowledge and remarkable power of his techniques–and of course the unfathomable silence, bliss, and sanctity of his teacher.”

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