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TM is well known to be easy to learn and enjoyable to do. And you get amazing benefits with regular practice because it reverses stress. So this is something you could seriously consider. Are you are looking specifically for stress management, or just to learn to meditate?

Watch this short youtube for a great new briefing by celebrity trainer Bobby Roth on:

• What TM is
• What TM is not
• What happens during TM
• How we know TM really works
• TM’s effect on the brain
• The natural tendency of the mind
• What a mantra is
• Where TM came from
• How TM is different
• Why TM works for everyone :


Scientific research suggests Transcendental Meditation is foremost among meditation techniques. And a brand-new heart disease study finds a 48% reduction in the risk of death by heart disease or stroke.

You can find inner peace and better health at the Houghton TM Centre in Joburg. Surprisingly, one of the world’s premier Transcendental Meditation centres is right here in Johannesburg. And we are just a click away – use the contact form top right.

Find out how TM Meditation helps reduce blood pressure, reduces stress,  anxiety and risk of heart disease. Find your true spirituality in Johburg! Johannesburg of all places! Its an ideal meditation for beginners because it it is easy to learn-and has awesome benefits with regular practice. (If you are already a TM’er, head over to the ResearchBlog, or More pages).

Dr Norman Rosenthal said to Jenny Crws Williams on 702 recently: “it’s just a pleasure, it’s easy, there’s an effortlessness about it. That’s the first thing. The second thing is the potency of it. I recommend it often to my patients. In one week my wife noticed the difference. She noticed I don’t get angry as quickly. I don’t get revved up.”

For Transcendental Meditation on 702 in Johannesburg listen to this podcast of Errol Ballantyne with Richard and Vicki recently.

And Oprah loves Transcendental Meditation. Along with Dr Mehmet Oz, Ellen de Generes,  Russell Brand, Clint Eastwood … you are in good company!

A happier healthier life is your birthright. Find out how to boost your energy levels and sleep better in just a few days.

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TM is a meditation technique for a healthier mind and body. Stress management really begins with Transcendental Meditation. It is a great meditation for beginners as well as advanced meditators. Buddhist, Vipassana, Mindfulness and Christian meditators can all gain from this deep meditation. It gives you the increased clarity of mind that improves all spiritual practices.

Celebrities report a calmness and peace that improves their lives. It removes the need for sleeping pills and non-prescribed drugs. Well controlled, peer reviewed studies show reduced serum cholesterol, cortisol, blood pressure and heart disease – all related to stress. Recent research shows this meditation reduces blood pressure, heart disease risk factors and deaths, bronchial asthma, allergies, diabetes and depression.

Discover more about meditation? Enjoy a free intro talk with no obligation at the Houghton TM Centre on a Wednesday evening, or Friday afternoon.

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