Houghton TM Centre May 2015 Newsletter

HOUGHTON TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION CENTRE NEWSLETTER MAY / JUNE/ JULY / AUG / SEPT 2015   HIGHER STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS COURSE – 16 LESSONS This is one of the most fulfilling courses any meditator could take. It features inspiring lectures by Maharishi... read more

An Omen? Good News – Amazing Photo

Could this be an omen – a portent of good news? Joshua Thomas recently captured this amazing photo of no less than NINE heavenly phenomena in Red River, New Mexico. It was shared on social media by the USA National Weather Service. The Washington Post picked it... read more

1001 Benefits of Transcendence

The Astounding Benefits of Transcendence Regular and authentic transcending through the practice of the Transcendental Meditation Technique gives you benefits that can only be described as astounding. Astounding in their depth and astounding in their range. How can... read more

Famous Meditators

The list of famous meditators — that is, celebrities who practice Transcendental Meditation — just keeps growing.  Are your heroes represented? Why do so many celebrities meditate? First of all, many more of the famous will meditate than are prepared to come out with... read more

Good News to kick off 2015

Good news is all over – and the start of a New Year is a great time to review it. Here are some great new links from the GlobalGoodNews website – worth bookmarking. I specially recommend the bottom link – to the David Lynch interview article –... read more

Meditate in India

“Incredible India” is the subject of Indian Government Tourism ads. And it is INCREDIBLE. So what could be better than to visit India to meditate.  And network with a bunch of your fellow TM Meditators and Sidhas from South Africa and around the world? And... read more
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